The following are a few of the works I either assisted with editing or formatting:

Live Like Line, Love Like Ellyn
By Bill Hoeft

Ice Cube Press accepted to publish this book in 2014, and I was the assistant editor. I contributed to the entire editing process from developmental editing to line editing to grammar and fact checking. Mr. Hoeft will never look at a purple pen the same ever again.

Praise for Live Like Line, Love Like Ellyn:

“It is difficult to comprehend how heartbreaking the story of the Found family is—a loving mother, Ellyn, diagnosed with a terminal cancer, a beautiful teen-age daughter, Caroline, killed in a freakish moped accident—both buried within a fortnight. That the father, Ernie, somehow managed to courageously rise above this devastating calamity, to carry on with grace, and that the town and Caroline’s school and volleyball team came together to cherish the memory of the two women, is the story of unbounded love. That there is a victory in sports, as well, is but a glorious bonus. Nothing can cure the sadness, nothing can undo the horror, but what Bill Hoeft’s book tells us is that even the worst tragedy can uplift us if we care enough and are unafraid to bare our hearts.”

—Frank Deford, Senior Contributing Writer Sports Illustrated, NPR commentator, correspondent on HBOs Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, & best-selling author

Chasing Weather
Poetry by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Photography by Stephen Locke

Chasing Weather is an Ice Cube Press book published in 2014. I assisted with editing the captions to the beautiful photography. Chasing Weather is an award-winning book and was a Finalist in the Midwest Independent Bookseller Association’s Choice Award for poetry.

Praise for Chasing Weather:

“I always marvel at the beauty of Stephen Locke’s photos and have long described him as somebody whose soul is in the right place. To have his images combined with poetry and with the stories behind them is a rare treat, not to be missed. The book is glorious!”
Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author, The Stormchasers

The Flamingo Rising
By Larry Baker

When Mr. Baker got back the rights to his 1997 book The Flamingo Rising, he contacted me to reformat his book so he could republish it himself. I formatted his manuscript to the margins, text, size, etc. to his liking.