Writing Advice

Need help with your writing? Check out the articles below.

Grammar and Punctuation:
Active and Passive Voice

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Pronouns

Point of View:
Point of View Overview
First Person
Second Person
Third Person Objective
Third Person Omniscient
Third Person Limited

Stop Replacing the Word Said
How to Write Believable Dialogue

Show, Don’t Tell:
Characterization and Personality
Emotions, Moods, and Reactions
Settings, Physical Traits, Descriptions
When To Tell Instead of Show
Tell, Then Show

Advice About Words:
Vague Words
Filter Words
Empty Subjects

Advice About Sentences:
Sticky Sentences
Varied Sentence Structure

Hiring a Freelance Novel Editor:
How to Spot a Bad or Unskilled Editor
5 Signs You Hired A Bad Editor

Why Agents Are Not Connecting With Your Characters

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